Coastal Carriers

Transportation Solutions


Coastal Carriers began operations in 2004 as a Connecticut based petroleum carrier. The Company management believed there was a critical need for an innovative carrier with state of the art service technology. The goal was to build the safest and most efficient petroleum transportation carrier in the region. With humble beginnings, Coastal Carriers purchased 1 tractor, 3 tank trailers, and contracted with a lease operator.  As a result of its commitment to the highest level of professional service, the Company quickly established a reputation as a safe and efficient petroleum carrier.  As the Company expanded, the next priority was to purchase a facility to accommodate additional staff and critical maintenance of the company owned fleet. Now headquartered in Ansonia Connecticut, Coastal Carriers operates a 24/7 dispatch operation and full maintenance facility to service its fleet of power units and tank trailers. Customers throughout southern New England and New York are serviced from the Connecticut locations in Ansonia and Bloomfield as well as it's location in New Windsor (Newburgh) NY. Terminals are strategically located close to loading terminals to insure prompt delivery times.  The Company continues to look for new growth opportunities and is poised to do so safely and efficiently well into the future. The staff at Coastal Carriers enjoys the challenge of providing the highest quality service to its clentele 24/7 and 365 days a year.  Safe and efficient service works.